Many William & Mary students use the summer as an opportunity to continue their studies, get involved in research, or partake in an internship, but often research projects need funding and internships are unpaid. Luckily, W&M offers funding from a number of different sources for students doing research or participating in low-paying or unpaid internships. Here are a few places you can look to find funding for summer study, research or internships:

1. Fulbright UK Summer Institutes
Each summer the U.S.-U.K. Fulbright Commission offers several themed institutes across the U.K. for American freshman and sophomores to explore U.K. culture, history, and heritage, as well as take part in an engaging academic experience. Past institutes have included Shakespeare, climate change, and the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Each institute is 3-6 weeks long and all expenses, including airfare, tuition and fees, and room and board are covered by the scholarship. To learn more about this opportunity, check out their website.

2. Critical Language Scholarships
Critical Language Scholarships are a U.S. State Department sponsored program providing two months of fully funded language study abroad during the summer. CLS is specifically focused on languages that are important to national security interest, so it has programs in countries such as China, Morocco, Turkey, Russia, and others where critical languages are spoken. You can find more info about CLS on their website.

3. Charles Center Summer Research Scholarships
The Charles Center is the biggest source of funding for summer research at William & Mary. We offer funding for research in any discipline, from the humanities to the natural sciences, and most awards are for $3,000 and support seven weeks of full-time research. In addition to the general umbrella of Charles Center Summer Scholarships which anyone in any discipline can apply to, there are a number of smaller scholarships which are specific to certain disciplines; for example: the Christopher Wren Association Scholarship for research in the humanities, the Jacobs Scholarship for research taking place in Israel, and the Lemon Project Summer Research Grant for research on African Americans and the College of William & Mary, just to name a few. The deadline for Charles Center Summer Scholarships is typically in mid or late February of the year that you will conduct your project. You can find more information about the Charles Center Summer Scholarships here.

4. Departmental Funding Resources
Many departments have their own specific pages with lists of research funding opportunities, some sponsored by the department itself, others sponsored by external organizations. Check out your department’s website under the “research” tab to see if your department has a list of resources! Also, ask your major advisor or another professor who you are close to if they know of some grants that can be used to fund research in your area of study. Professors are often delighted to help their students get involved in the research process. Some departments also offer funding for internships in fields relevant to the department, which you should be able to find information about on their website.

5. Cohen Career Center Internship Funding
The Cohen Career Center offers a number of scholarships to help fund low- or non-paying internships. These include the Steve Banker Fund for Real Estate Internships, the Olympia & Adam Trumbower Fund for International Development/Philanthropy Internships, and the Cohen Career Center Internship Fund. These scholarships provide up to $4,000 (or $5,000 for the Steve Banker Fund) to students with unpaid internships in a variety of different fields. You can find more about these opportunities here.

6. Charles Center Internship Scholarships
In addition to offering funding for summer research, the Charles Center also administers a limited number of scholarships to fund unpaid internships. These include the Freeman Intern Fellowship and the Woody Internship in Museum Studies. The Freeman Fellowship provides placement and funding at internships in Asia, and the Woody Internship in Museum Studies allows opportunity to intern and conduct research at a respected museum that exhibits art, historical materials, etc. to the public. You can find more information about them here.

7. Reves Summer International Internship Scholarships
The Reves Center provides funding for unpaid or low-paying internships overseas or domestic internships that are international in focus. These include internationally-directed government agencies (such as the State Department), overseas non-governmental organizations, overseas private sector corporations, etc. Internships must entail at least five full-time weeks of work over the summer. You can learn more about this opportunity here.

8. Scholarship Search
The Scholarship Search website is a PSA-run scholarship database that allows you to search for different scholarships, research grants, and internships offered by both William & Mary and external sources. As of right now we have over 250 opportunities that William & Mary students are eligible for, but the list is constantly growing as we add more. You can filter your search based on your area of study, the academic years eligible, whether financial need is required, and many other criteria. Click here to begin your scholarship search!

As always, if you have any questions about these or other opportunities, or you want someone to look over your application materials, don’t hesitate to come into the PSA office any time from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday!